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  • "This kit is great for my short 3 mile commute to the store. I haven't had any problems, it's not the fastest kit but it gets the job done at an affordable price. I was looking a..."
    - Electric Kit
  • ""Very dependable. Over 2,231 miles on motor and still using the same tires. Highly recommended""
    -Gas Kit

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Welcome to Flmotorbikes.com, we sell only the best motorized bicycle kits. We offer two different types of kits a gas powered kit and a electric powered kit. Depending on your budget, location(hills, distance to travel) , and your personal preference one of our kits will be best for you.  But first let me say that their are a lot of other companies out their selling motorized bicycle kits. All most all of these companies sell the same 48cc or 66cc two stroke kits. We have used these kits before but their nothing but a problem. They have clumsy chains that fall off, they constantly break down, and they last only a few weeks. You could tell these kits because their chain drive, two stoke, and you can get one for $100-150. If something is too good or to cheap to be true it usually is. 

Were not trying to bash our competitors but if you check out the motorized bicycle forums you"ll find out for yourself. If you are highly mechanically inclined or work on engines then those cheap 2 stroke kits might be for you. This is because you can do alot of modifications on them , but their more for a hobby type than a transportation vehicle.  We offer two products: a gas powered kit and a electric powered kit. Both products are based around simplicity with an achieved goal of reliability. We have learned from our competitors products and decided too not sell products chain driven. You must understand these kits are not factory tuned Harley Davidsons therefore much of the work to make the product work is left to the consumer, you. Think about this , a chain drive bike can go up to around 30mph. If you riding at 30mph and the chain falls off ,the bike will come to a stop in a matter of seconds, and you could fly off. Therefore we wanted to offer products that our simple, reliable, and safer than our competitors products. With that in mind nearly anyone can install either of our kits. Our gas powered motorized bicycle kit can be installed in 30 minutes to an hour. The gas kit is friction drive meaning the engine spins a roller which contacts the tire to propel the bike. Our electric bicycle kit can install in only 10 minutes. You simply remove your front wheel on your bicycle and attach the wheel provided with a built in hub motor. The motor internally spins the wheel which propels your bicycle.    


   To determine which kit will best fit you read the following. If you prefer a quiet kit or live in a noise restricted area then the electric bicycle kit might be best for you. The gas powered kit requires the mixing of fuel and oil (  2 stroke gas) but it can probably go 20 miles or so without refueling at 20-25mph. You can always get a basket with an extra gas tank and extend your range to over a hundred miles. The electric kit is limited to a 10 mile range at a top speed of 15mph.  The electric kit work best to assist the rider, meaning you should still pedal with the power of the motor. The gas kit on requires less of an assist, it can do most of the work on its own. Both kits are able to climb hills, the electric kit and the gas kit might need help pedaling on big hills. You should also consider the electric bike kit can't just be refilled with fuel and ready to ride again. The electric kit needs 2.5 hours to fully recharge and the battery has a life cycle of about 400 charges. After 400 charges which would mean after 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, or 1 year if you ride every day you will have to get a new battery, which we sell. Conclusion: if you plan on riding less than 10 miles a round trip, looking for something quiet, and don't mind pedaling a little the electric kit is for you. One thing you can do about the electric kit is too buy extra batteries ($150 each) to double your range. 

If you wanna cruise a little faster and longer, and have some noise our gas powered motorized bicycle is for you. 

If price is a problem one thing to note: We are one of a select few companies online to offer financing for 6 months and to accept a variety of payment options.  We offer 0% interest financing through PayPal. We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Checks, and Money Orders.

If you have any questions please contact us via email: flmotorbikes@yahoo.com 

Hopefully our writing was educational and useful for you. If your seriously interested in a motorized bicycle or electric bicycle check out our kits on 

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